Remote key loading for ATMs and Pos machines

ATM Remote Key Loading – Payment Processing Simplified

The significance of ATM in today’s world can never be overlooked. There is no qualm to say that these smart machines have completely revolutionized the banking sector. Be it withdrawal of money through debit/credit card, checking bank statements or paying bills, ATMs let you perform the basic banking transactions without the aid of any branch executive.

If your organization is responsible for maintaining a network of ATMs, you need to rotate encryption keys. But, rotation of these keys directly may dig a hole in your pocket, as it can be an expensive process. Being an organization, you provide your key administrators with the key components, and they visit every ATM to enter the respective keys. The process of rekeying is not only time consuming, but also requires a large number of technical experts. Moreover, this method restricts conglomerates to opt for shorter key lifecycles for the network of their ATMs, which reduces the overall security.

Kryptoagile’s Approach Towards ATM Remote Key Loading

Kryptoagile has come up with comprehensive solutions if it is about the concept of ATM remote key loading. The manual key replacement process has been automated to load the ATM keys from almost everywhere in the world. That’s not all! The moment a new key is requested, Kryptoagile's HSMs automatically transmit it, and ensure uptime at the time of key rotation. Powered with the most innovative functions such as generating encryption key, key distribution, key injection, deletion and its tracking make these HSMs the preferred choice of users worldwide. The software provided by Kryptoagile works flawlessly to let ATM’s Encrypting PIN Pad (EPP) and remote key loading communicate with the HSM.

It makes use of device serial numbers and activity logging to support batch importing of devices. If we discuss the speed of transferring keys to ATMs, Kryptoagile's HSMs score the top rating for sure. In order to perform the same at lightning fast speed, it makes use of encrypted as well as authenticated connection on TCP/IP. The moment any software update is released, it lets you update the whole infrastructure with ease, which reduces the maintenance cost as well. Hence, outage issues pertaining to agent software have no scope anymore. Here are the top-notch benefits:

  •    Quick and reliable key management
  •    Encryption keys insertion into ATMs remotely under secured environment
  •    Quick Key generation and storage

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