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EMV Issuance & Processing - The Next Level Card Issuance and Secure Payment Processing

Prior to getting a deep dive into EMV technology, let’s understand what is EMV. Well, EMV stands for Europay Mastercard Visa, which is a renowned technical standard used for performing payment processing via debit cards or credit cards in a secured environment globally. Owing to the evolving trend in technology, EMV is one of the commonly accepted standards in the payment processing industry used for secure payment processing.

Today, a massive number of financial institutions have been implementing this technology, which takes the data security of a card holder to the next level of efficacy. It prohibits extraction of information from the payment card unethically. The technology solutions catered by Kryptoagile are extremely useful for organizations that are looking to implement EMV enabled payment system or even other financial institutions that are already using it. The hardware security modules provided by Kryptoagile are empowered with FIPS 140-2 Level 3 validation standard that supports almost every key algorithm and protocol. Moreover, the super-efficient Excrypt API brings ease to integration process and establishes a hassle-free communication with host applications.

The Workflow of EMV

The smart cards that are powered with EMV technology work on two-key encryption mechanism to avail trusted authentication for devices, users, documents, etc. The moment, any card is activated for payment processing transaction, the chip embedded on that card receives a command from the Point-Of-Sale terminal. This chip is also known as cryptographic microchip. Now, the card makes use of an HSM to perform validation with the help of PKI information. Right after the validation process, the response is sent back to the user. In order to guard the encryption keys in physically secure hardware, it is mandatory to integrate a powerful security solution into smart card payment processing system. Hence, to set up Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) for performing EMV transactions, one needs to have an HSM, which generates, stores, and manages public keys & private keys.

Kryptoagile’s Vision Towards EMV Security

The state-of-the-art products and solutions offered by Kryptoagile are exclusively designed to reinforce the payment processing of your organization. Hence, they make the EMV payments faster, secure and more reliable than ever before. Kryptoagile follows the zero-tolerance policy if it’s about the security of EMV, which builds its sturdy existence in the PKI industry. In other words, it has set a robust foundation of security to fulfill your business objectives of securing EMV transactions.

Be it the issuance of card or its preparation, if you are looking to add a robust layer of security to your EMV processing, Kryptoagile’s products can be your ideal choice. These devices can generate the entire card preparation data prior to its distribution to your customers. That’s not all! You can also integrate HSMs into your card printing system to directly implement EMV technology in your product line. Graphical user interface plays a vital role in the processing of any functionality with ease. There you go! It is coupled with an extremely efficient Graphical User Interface (GUI) and API to streamline the card issuance process, which outshines its quality among other competitors. As mentioned, Kryptoagile’s HSMs are known for secure communication, which helps businesses quickly receive the validation of EMV card transactions before approving funds for any purchase. These smart HSMs make EMV payment processing secure and maintain transactions per second (TPS) speed according to your organization’s requirements. And, it is performed through their capability to decrypt Primary Account Number (PAN) data under a secured environment

  • Assistance for total EMV lifecycle pertaining to transaction processing, data preparation and card issuance.
  • Consulting, training, and audit preparation provided by Kryptoagile’s solutions architects
  • Quick and easy integration to your current system for simplified EMV processing
  • Best fraud detection and reduced cost-per-transaction rate
  • Satisfying the rising customer demand for higher security
  • Compatible with major PKI industry standards

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