HSM for Government and Defense – For More Secured IT World

The defense and government departments play a starring role in the development of any nation. These departments have highly confidential information such as citizen personal information, court hearing records, secret information pertaining to army, air force, navy and other forces. Compromising this sensitive data may lead to massive destruction for any country. Hence, overlooking the significance of data should not be afforded at any cost. To maintain the secrecy of confidential information, it is mandatory for these agencies to avail future-ready data encryption solutions. An Hardware Security Module (HSM) is such device, which can fulfill these data security related requirements with ease.

Kryptoagile provides hardened encryption solutions that are designed for government departments and defense. Our hardware security modules and other IT solutions are designed in such way that they help government organizations access/manage data securely in a centralized environment. Moreover, they also simplify the management for administrators, which are working under distributed cryptographic infrastructures having various security servers.

The universal benefits of hardware security module (HSM):

  •  Automated digital signing or e-invoice generation and signing
  •  Secure Payment Processing including NEFT transaction signing or RTGS transaction signing
  •  Cloud encryption and time stamping
  •  Debit and credit card key generation
  •  Network device management including key rotation
  •  Better Key management including key rotation, key generation, key injection, etc.

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