Mobile Payments - A New Era of Payment Processing

The Need of Mobile Payment Security

Have you ever thought about your day without mobile phone? Would you ever be able to perform your financial transactions swiftly in the absence of mobile payments? Well! Gone are the days when it happened to be a luxury of life. In today’s era, mobile phones are considered as necessity. Owing to ever evolving technology, we need them almost in every action that we perform such as social media participation, utility bill payment, online shopping, share trading, financial transactions, etc.

Mobile payments need to be quick and easy to use. But, on the flip side, they should adhere to the security guidelines to keep online frauds at bay and provide users with a confidence in mobile wallets and payment applications. The mobile phone industry has turned out to be the fastest growing industries all around the globe. If we look at it from the business viewpoint, there is no qualm to mention that mobile transactions have evolved as blessing for businesses, and have amplified their revenue drastically. Be it generating invoices, tracking orders, measuring sales, product feedback or delivery tracking, entrepreneurs can streamline their workflow management merely within a couple of taps on their mobile phones. It’s great that all of us are reaping the benefits of this super smart technology. But, it can be a nightmare for the end user/entrepreneur(s) if the payment processing is not optimized per the apt data security or encryption key management procedures.

Kryptoagile’s Approach

Kryptoagile’s performance driven products are exclusively designed on the foundation of Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE) to secure mobile payments efficiently. It is the reason that they secure the data of card holder on various endpoints and make everyone’s online experience a pleasant journey. Moreover, it utilizes Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) to create a reliable framework for secure processing and validation of mobile payments. State-of-the-art technology of Kryptoagile facilitates you to set up the environment of validating the authenticity of individual devices globally. Be it digital signing, issuing or the authentication of encryption keys for mobile devices at the point of manufacture, Kryptoagile’s devices offer comprehensive solutions for everything. Here are the benefits of choosing Kryptoagile products if you are in the quest of secure mobile payments:

  • Better management of cryptographic keys throughout the mobile payment processing
  • Industry’s best and tamper-proof security solutions along with excellent performance
  • Ease of deployment and integration with various payment processing software
  • Compatible for new mobile payments processes and business models

These products are extremely helpful for mobile device manufacturers, as they can easily manage high volumes of electronic devices per security standards. What’s more! They can be managed from one central location, providing control on device issuance, their tracking as well as revocation. When it is about integration with mobile payment add-on devices (e.g., mobile stripe readers, etc.), Kryptoagile offers mobile magnetic stripe reader manufacturers with Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE). It certainly improvises the data security in mobile payment systems, which helps these manufacturers reduce PCI DSS compliance. Owing to the flexibility of producing devices per multiple product segments, Kryptoagile enables your organization to develop an efficient process pertaining to key injection and management.

In payment processing, compliance plays a vital role. Developed in accordance with FIPS 140-2 Level 3 standard & PCI DSS, Kryptoagile’s hardware security modules make use of hardened security to provide customers with tamper-proof IT security.

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