PKI for Data Encryption – The Next Generation of Technology

What is PKI or Public Key Infrastructure and what is the significance of PKI? These are the basic questions that need to be addressed prior to moving ahead. Well! A public key infrastructure is a system, which is used to implement public key encryption as well as digital signature services. It facilitates the user to manage keys and certificates to discover a secure network environment across multiple applications. Hence, the importance of public key cryptography can never be overlooked, as it enables you to secure your network, users, data and business process. The tech world has been moving at a lightning fast speed, and the credit for this revolution goes to the global communication. Be it any part of the world, the information from point ‘A’ to point ‘B’ can be reached within a blink of an eye. But, what if this sensitive information is tempered during its transmission? Well! The consequences can be hazardous because it may be a matter of critical information pertaining to anybody’s business or even personal life. Here comes the role of encryption or information security.

Thanks to PKI technology, which is designed to make sure that the respective data is accessible only by its authentic recipient (s). PKI encompasses asymmetric encryption wherein encryption and decryption are performed through public keys and private keys. Now, let’s understand the difference between public key and private key. Well! If we discuss public keys, they are only capable of encrypting data. Hence, they cannot decrypt data. In order to decrypt data, we need to use private keys. These asymmetric keys are created by certificate authorities that are responsible to manage the trees of keys from the reliable roots.

In order to implement PKI, one needs to connect with a trusted certificate authority for the creation of certificate tree. Beginning with the root certificate, which is considered highly secured, a series of new certificates are created under it per hierarchy. Now, these certs are given to various users, machines or objects that are required to be under secured network or communication. Moving on, by distributing the certificates through the same certificate authority across devices, users or other objects of communication, we establish a secured circle of communication.

Now, for initiating a secure communication, the objects, users or devices need to exchange public keys. For instance, if party ‘A” and party ‘B’ are establishing a secured communication, then they need to exchange their public keys with each other. These public keys will be used to encrypt their messages, which will be sent to each other. Right after receiving the encrypted value, it can be decrypted through the private key corresponding to the public key that encrypted the message. Sharing information through this medium is extremely easy and provides you with hardened security. Now, even if a message is intercepted during its transmission, it can never be readable owing to the encryption mechanism

Kryptoagile’s Vision for PKI

The solutions and products catered by Kryptoagile are known to be powered with the best PKI technology to help you experience highly secured IT infrastructure. The FIPS 140-2 level 3 validated devices of Kryptoagile are extremely useful for tracking, generating and managing your entire range of keys as well as certificates. And, the best part is, these tasks are performed within physically reinforced hardware to deliver the complete security of your PKI. Conglomerates that are aspiring to develop a secure public key infrastructure, the products and services offered by Kryptoagile can be the ideal pick for them. It includes:

  • Fastest signing and verification of files per data encryption standards
  • Quick and reliable validation of devices, users, documents, etc.
  • Simplified management, revocation and key tracking system
  • Hassle free export of certificate signing request
  • Swift generation of trusted roots
  • Apt Development of certificate trees
  • Acceleratedimport & export of mass certificate files
  • Appropriate assigning of certificate expiration period

The key management servers of Kryptoagile are designed to deliver the complete support for key and certificate lifecycle. The capability of being able to provide top-rated protection and comprehensive functionality makes these devices stand out from the crowd. It helps conglomerates to streamline the encryption key processes through a single solution by incorporating multiple devices or vendors to simplify the workflow management. If you are also planning to integrate PKI technology for your organization’s key management infrastructure, connect with Kryptoagile today.

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