Kryptoagile – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q-1. What is a Hardware Security Module (HSM)?

A. A Hardware security module is a powerful hardware device, which is used to protect the confidential data. In other words, it manages cryptographic keys for the secure usage of applications, identities and databases through the mechanism of encryption, decryption and authentication. By key management, we mean an HSM can help you generate, store and revoke the digital keys. Being a businessman, you can safeguard your business related confidential data by making sure that only the authentic users are accessing it. Now, this information can be cryptographic keys such as public keys or private keys, which are used to encrypt or decrypt your sensitive data.
In a layman term, an HSM is like a vault that protects your digital keys, which can further be used for data encryption (converting data to secret codes) or decryption (Converting secret codes into a readable format).

Q-2. How a Hardware Security Module can help an Organization?

B.A hardware security module can be extremely helpful for organizations to secure their confidential data. A hardware security module can also be used for digital document signing, GST signing and e-invoicing, e-receipt and OTP management as well.

Q-3. What are the most important functions of an HSM?

A hardware security module can perform the following tasks:

  • Digital Key Management (e.g., Key generation, key storage, key revocation)
  • GST signing
  • Aadhar Authentication
  • ATM remote key loading
  • RTGS transaction signing
  • NEFT transaction signing
  • Document signing
  • API based signing
  • Debit card key generation
  • Credit card key generation

Q-4.How many types of Hardware security modules (HSMs) are available in the market?

Here are the most common types of hardware security modules:

  • Network HSM: Crafted for the most advanced cryptography mechanism. This type of HSM is usually costlier than other hardware security modules available in the market.
  • USB HSM: If you are in the quest of having a portable device for key management, then this device can certainly serve your purpose.
  • PCI HSM: This card based SM can fulfill your cryptography requirements under low budget. It can easily be integrated with your server.

Q-5. How long does it take to install a Hardware Security Module (HSM)?

A. Usually, it takes around 2 hours to install an HSM. But, it may vary according to your IT infrastructure. If your organization has a huge IT infrastructure, HSM installation may take a little bit more time.

Q-6. What’s the price of a Hardware Security Module (HSM)?

A. The price of a hardware security module may vary according to its type. The most economical HSM is known as PCI hardware security module.

Q-7. How to evaluate the performance of the best Hardware Security Module (HSM)?

A. The performance of an HSM can be monitored via its transaction per second (TPS). TPS is a parameter to evaluate the transactions performed by an HSM per second.

Q-8. Is an HSM useful for Aadhaar authentication and GST signing?

A. Yes. A hardware security module can be used for Aadhaar based authentication and GST signing at higher transaction speed.

Q-9. Which is the best HSM vendor or the best HSM solutions provider in Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai?

A. Kryptoagile is one of the best HSM solutions provider in Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai. All year round HSM technical support and being powered with an impressive arsenal of HSMs make Kryptoagile stand among the best HSM vendors in India.

Q-10. Do we get free HSM technical support during the first year of HSM installation?

A. Once the HSM is installed by Kryptoagile, you can opt for paid HSM technical support according to your business requirements.

Q-11. Can an HSM be used for credit/debit card key generation?

A. Yes. You can use an HSM for credit card and debit card key generation.

Q-12. Does an HSM support API based signing and XML signing?

A. Yes, a hardware security module supports API based signing.

Q-13. How can an HSM help me if I am running an e-commerce store?

A. A hardware security module can be extremely helpful for your e-commerce business, as it helps you generate multiple e-invoices within minutes. Moreover, it lets you perform GST signing, PDF signing and various kinds of document signing as well.

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